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About Paul Felix


Paul Felix is a photographer living in Cornwall near the fishing town of Looe, specialising in traditional craftsmen who work in the British countryside. His photographs can be seen in newspapers, magazines and calendars around the world. Three million posters were printed of one of his pictures. Craftsmen and crafts have been part of his life since a young boy he watched his father  building a large model of HMS Victory, cutting and carving the wood. He was a tradesman of the old school, like his father before him. Paul was the first in the family, not to follow into craft trade. He instead became a  photographer, first for newspapers in London,  then for magazines and colour supplements. Over the years he found himself on assignments photographing craftsmen all over the country and became fascinated by their work. remembering his father and the Victory. As the newspaper and magazine worlds changed,they largely forgot about crafts, he continued to seek out and photograph traditional craftsman. As he travels around the country he photographed the countryside. Now  the library is one one the largest  in the country, Many of the images can be seen on this site and played as Jigsaws.


Let us know what you think of the jigsaws and tell us which is your favourite.



NEW: you can buy Paul's pictures at




All the pictures have been taken by photographer Paul Felix. Some of the Craftsmen jigsaws are included in his new book The Book of Forgotten Crafts: Keeping the Traditions Alive which is now in all good book shops, with some 50 different crafts. Published by David and Charles.

Book of Forgotten Crafts - Kindle edition with free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet




You can seee more of Paul's images on his official site


You can also see Paul's images on Fine Art America


The jigsaws are Java puzzles.


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